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Six million years in the making: the evolution of modern humans

Course Date: 8th November

Time: 10am-3pm

Cost: £25

Course Tutor: Isabelle Heyerdahl-King (The University of Sheffield)

Venue: This course will be taught in the classroom at our Wath-Upon-Dearne site.

Description: This workshop explores the human lineage from the earliest known human ancestors to our own species /Homo sapiens./ The course will include a more detailed look at famous palaeoanthropological discoveries such as 'Lucy' and 'Turkana Boy', and our enigmatic extinct cousins the Neanderthals.

Furthermore, this workshop will allow participants to discover more about our evolutionary history and skeletal anatomy.

Registration: To book a place on this course, use our secure online payment option by following the Paypal link below. We will send you email confirmation of your booking when we have received your payment.

Registration for this course is now open, and will close on Friday 31st October.